At the Digital Orthopaedics Conference (DOCSF) hosted by the University of California at San Francisco last weekend, leaders in technology came together with innovators in orthopaedics to pursue the adoption of technology in musculoskeletal care. “We believe that embedding digital technologies in a narrow, integrated vertical is more likely to affect change than targeting one fifth of the U.S. economy. It’s also a smart way for health care systems to adopt new technology: focus limited resources and effort in narrow, integrated verticals, figure it out, and then implement horizontally,” said Stefano A. Bini, MD, DOCSF Chair. The Program included speakers from IBM, Bootstrap Labs, Attention Span, IDEO and others providing prospective from outside the health care circle. In addition, case study breakouts on artificial intelligence/machine learning were held, and Adolph J. “Chick” Yates Jr., MD provided an update on how Washington, D.C. is impacting orthopaedic care delivery. View video highlights from the program.