breakout sessionThe intimate learning experience crafted for the 2018 AAHKS Spring Meeting includes breakout sessions in a case-based instructional course lectures format. There are six breakouts over two days. Here’s what a typical breakout session looks like:

  1. Each breakout goes for 80 minutes where the moderator presents five to six cases to breakout attendees.
  2. From there, attendees gather at small tables with a faculty member who uses visual tools to enhance the discussion of options for management of each case.
  3. Each group then presents their thoughts on management and shows how the cases were solved.
  4. The breakout ends with further discussion including questions and answers from the whole group.

No other educational course focusing on total joint replacement cases provides high-quality, practical applications of patient care from leaders in the field than this. The 2018 AAHKS Spring Meeting takes place May 3-5 in Miami. View the agenda, faculty and register while space is still available.