AAHKS has surveyed members on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the practice of hip and knee replacement surgery. Here are some of the data we have collected:

  • 92% of hospitals have stopped elective inpatient surgery
  • 35% are doing more non-surgical orthopaedic clinical care
  • 88% of you are performing periprosthetic fracture
  • 64% are performing 1st stage explants for PJI
  • 59% performing massively failed TJA
  • 51% are doing more administrative work
  • 54% are experiencing staff disruptions
  • 74% are effectively not working due to institutional or self-imposed deferral of elective surgery

We will be sending at least one more survey in the coming weeks so we can track the evolving effect the pandemic has on your practice. We anticipate publishing the full results in the future. Your continued input on these surveys is greatly appreciated.