Discussion Topics

I. Overview of AI and Machine Learning
A. Definition
B. Utilization

II. Discussion: 2019 AAHKS Annual Meeting posters focused on digital health
A. Automated detection and classification of knee arthroplasty designs using deep learning
B. Application of neural networks in determining implant name from total hip arthroplasty radiograph
C. Using machine learning to predict one-year improvements in patient reported outcomes after THA and TKA
D. Development of machine learning algorithms for prediction of sustained postoperative opioid prescriptions after total hip arthroplasty

About the Faculty

Stefano A. Bini, MD, Chair, AAHKS Digital Health Committee
G. Daxton Steele, MD, Vice Chair, AAHKS Digital Health Committee
Joseph D. Maratt, MD, Member, AAHKS Digital Health Committee
Peter L. Schilling, MD, artificial intelligence expert guest