AJRR Steering July 2018AAHKS leaders were among the key collaborators in the American Joint Replacement Registry’s (AJRR) Steering Committee meeting today at the AAOS Headquarters. Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA, Chair, Bryan D. Springer, MD, Vice Chair, Scott M. Sporer, MD, Secretary, Daniel J. Berry, MD, Member, Gregory B. Krivchenia, MD, Member, Brian S. Parsley, MD, Member, David G. Lewallen, MD, Ex-Oficio and James I. Huddleston, MD, Chair, California State Registry Committee. The Steering Committee met today with representatives from the AJRR Public Advisory Board met to strategize current, ongoing and future plans. AJRR is the official registry of AAHKS. Visit www.ajrr.net.