by Nicholas B. Frisch, MD

Healthcare delivery continues to evolve, and as orthopaedic surgeons, our traditional education does little to prepare us for understanding the complexity of change in our healthcare system. The AAHKS Health Policy Fellowship (HPF) presents a unique opportunity to not only gain exposure to the issues, it also provides a first-hand experience on the ground – working with the leaders in our field to advocate on behalf of the entire arthroplasty community.

I’ve developed a strong relationship with several other members of the AAHKS community. Throughout this fellowship, I have been amazed at the number of additional opportunities that have been made available through those relationships. I’m finishing my second year in the program and can tell you this has been a defining aspect of my training that has truly shaped the way I’m developing my clinical practice.

AAHKS is accepting applications for the 2020–2021 AAHKS Health Policy Fellowship. Applicants should be currently participating in a joint fellowship or in their first four years of practice. Send inquiries and applications to Joshua Kerr, Director of Advocacy and International Activities, at by October 1. Visit the HPF page to watch the video and for details on how to apply.