Chick Yates and Mark FroimsonAdolph “Chick” J. Yates, Jr., MD received the 2017 AAHKS Presidential Award for his outstanding service to AAHKS on Saturday, November 4, 2017 during the 2017 AAHKS Annual Meeting. AAHKS President, Mark I. Froimson, MD, MBA, cited Dr. Yates’ tireless, behind-the-scenes work for AAHKS in the quality, performance measures and advocacy arenas that earned him the award. He cited some of the numerous roles Dr. Yates has held with AAHKS including currently serving as the Evidence Based Medicine Committee Chair since 2013, Vice-Chair since 2007, interfacing with agencies, committees and task forces such as CMS, FDA, NQF, AAOS, BOS and MedCAC.

In the presentation of the award, Dr. Froimson stated, “You are an amazing resource for AAHKS and an invaluable partner in addressing all thing quality and measure related and your voice during board and committee meetings commands our attention. But most important, you are a friend and true advocate for our patients, our colleagues and the profession. We are all better because of our interactions with you.”