Members can register now for the 2018 AAHKS Spring Meeting which takes place May 4-5, 2018 in Miami. Past attendees have remarked about the value of discussing cases in small-group breakouts with expert faculty and peers. Here is the roster of this year’s faculty:

Matthew P. Abdel, MD
Matthew S. Austin, MD
C. Lowry Barnes, MD
William P. Barrett, MD
Daniel J. Berry, MD
Stefano A. Bini, MD
Michael P. Bolognesi, MD
Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA
David F. Dalury, MD
Craig J. Della Valle, MD
Steven T. Duncan, MD
Thomas K. Fehring, MD
Mark I. Froimson, MD, MBA
George J. Haidukewych, MD
William G. Hamilton, MD
James I. Huddleston, MD
William A. Jiranek, MD, FACS
Carlos J. Lavernia, MD
Jay R. Lieberman, MD
Adolph V. Lombardi Jr., MD
Steven J. MacDonald, MD, FRCSC
R. Michael Meneghini, MD
John M. Morton, MD
Joseph T. Moskal, MD
Mark W. Pagnano, MD
Brian S. Parsley, MD
Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS
Preetesh D. Patel, MD
Christopher L. Peters, MD
Gregory G. Polkowski II, MD, MSc
Raul Rosenthal, MD
Jonathan L. Schaffer, MD, MBA
Scott M. Sporer, MD, MS
Bryan D. Springer, MD
Garen D. Steele, MD
Juan C. Suarez, MD
Samuel S. Wellman, MD
Adolph J. Yates Jr., MD

Registration is open now, and space is limited. Full details.