Dr. Maloney, Dr. Parsley, Dr. Pachore, Dr. Khincha

(l. to r.) William J. Maloney, MD, Brian S. Parsley, MD, Javahir A. Pachore, MD and H.P.C. Khincha, MD, FRCS

Founding members of the Indian Society of Hip & Knee Surgeons (ISHKS), Javahir A. Pachore, MD of Ahmedabad and H.P.C. Khincha, MD, FRCS of Bangalore, attended the AAHKS Annual Meeting for the first time. Dr. Pachore is the original founder and past-president of ISHKS, and Dr. Khincha is a founding member and Education Chair. They were invited to attend the meeting as part of an outreach by the AAHKS International Committee. Dr. Pachore and Dr. Khincha presented William J. Maloney, MD, Chair of the International Committee, and Brian S. Parsley, MD, AAHKS President, with the gift of a plaque announcing the new relationship between our organizations.  “We are most impressed with the papers, presentations and the quality of the scientific content at this meeting, and we look forward to coming again,” Dr. Pachore remarked.