OpWalk Denver

Natalie Loper (center), observed in the OR with the OpWalk Denver team. Pictured l. to r. Jill Goosen, RN, Tyler Jefferson, PA-C, Joshua Carothers, MD, Melisa Miner, CST.

Operation Walk Denver completed a medical mission trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The team, led by AAHKS Past President Douglas A. Dennis, MD, completed 62 total joint replacements on 57 patients at Hospital Leonardo Martinez. In addition, Natalie Loper, AAHKS Project Specialist, was embedded in the team as part of the new AAHKS/Operation Walk Central Board mission to facilitate and strengthen the relationship with chapters. Natalie assisted with patient relations and observed two surgeries. “I learned that about 300 knee surgeries are done a year in Honduras including those done by Operation Walk; however, there is a waiting list of over 1,000 patients. Observing this mission first-hand helped me not only gain a greater understanding of the field but also of the ways AAHKS and Operation Walk can work together to bring total joint replacement to the areas of greatest need.” Visit @OpWalkDenver on Facebook for more photos.