Latest Survey Results

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This data compares data from the July 2020 survey to the June 2020 survey.

Hospitals suspended elective inpatient surgery
12% (down 11% since June; down 70% since March)

Current impact on practice
Near normal                           33% (up 5%)
Clinic volume reduced            60% (down 13%)
Telemedicine clinic visits        40% (down 11%)
Telemedicine makes up an average of 13% of total visits.
Furloughed staff                    49% (down 9%)

New data: Changes in the last month
Return to normal                    35%
Restrictions lifted                   24%
Restrictions same                   27%
Restrictions put back              20%

New data: COVID-19
COVID-19 cases increased                        48%
Nasal swab                                                 92%
Testing done on site                                    67%
Patients wear masks throughout surgery    67%
Surgeons use unmodified hoods as PPE    83%

Current patient surgical volume
77% of pre-COVID-19 baseline (up 11%)

Projected patient surgical volume by end of 2020
86% of pre-COVID-19 baseline (down 3%)

Institutional travel or funding restrictions for CME*
Yes      54% (up 1%)
No       46% (down 1%)
*Most report unknown end date; many in 2021