In the interest of benefiting AAHKS and the orthopaedic training program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Benjamin C. Bengs, MD is serving as a reference and sponsor for residents interested in pursuing a career in arthroplasty.

“I believe this will improve their overall orthopaedic surgery education and enhance their arthroplasty experience during training. Most of these members in training will go on to arthroplasty fellowships and ultimately on to becoming full members of AAHKS,” said Dr. Bengs. About a quarter of graduating residents at UCLA go on to pursue arthroplasty fellowships.

The UCLA Orthopaedic Department and Dr. Bengs have worked out a plan with the AAHKS Membership department to pay the residents’ dues and application fees for the duration of their training, including fellowship. “This gesture represents a true commitment to the profession. It gives residents a great opportunity to join early and enjoy career-long enrichment through AAHKS initiatives,” said Eileen Lusk, Director of Membership. Learn more about Arthroplasty Surgeon in Training membership.