The 25th Annual Meeting is packed with once-a-year learning opportunities all the way through Noon on Sunday, November 8 when the meeting adjourns. Be sure to schedule your flights leaving Dallas on Sunday afternoon so that you can maximize your experience at this year’s Annual Meeting. Here are some of Sunday’s highlights from the scientific program:

Corrosion at the Head-Neck Junction: Why is this Happening Now? – Moderator: Joshua J. Jacobs, MD

Corrosion at the Head-Neck Junction: Why Is This Happening Now?  — Joshua J. Jacobs, MD

Diagnosis and Treatment of Adverse Tissue Reactions at the Head-Neck Junction — H. John Cooper, MD

Evaluation of the Painful Modular Neck Stem: Do They All Require Revision?  — Young-Min Kwon, MD

Treatment of the Failed Modular Neck Stem: Tips and Tricks — Adolph V. Lombardi, MD

Outpatient Arthroplasty – Moderator: Michael P. Bolognesi, MD

Outpatient Arthroplasty: Patient Selection and Optimization Is the Key—Michael E. Berend, MD

Pain Management and Outpatient Arthroplasty—Michael P. Bolognesi, MD

Perioperative and Postoperative Management: Anesthesia, Blood Management and Medical Issues—William G. Hamilton, MD

How Do You Get the Patient’s Home Safely?  A Team Approach—TBA

Take a look at the Preliminary Program online as details are added every day leading up to the Annual Meeting.